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“Why do I need to know this?” That’s the first question you need to answer whenever you attempt to teach something to adults.


In the previous edition of eCoach, I explained what genuine customer loyalty is and why it is crucial to teach your company’s people how to create it—not just your salespeople, but every customer-contact person in the organization. The winning formula is to turn service people, technicians, and professional staff into what I call Customer Relationship Professionals (CRPs).

在上一期的eCoach中,我解释了什么是真正的客户忠诚度以及为什么教会公司的员工如何创建它是至关重要的 - 不仅仅是销售人员,还包括组织中的每个客户联系人。 制胜法宝是将服务人员,技术人员和专业人员转变成我所谓的客户关系专业人员(CRPs)。

Here’s the catch: It’s one thing to teach the skills of loyalty-generation. It’s something else to have people learn and apply those skills. When adults ask why they need to know this, “Because I say so” won’t cut it.

这是一个问题:教授忠诚度生成的技能是一回事。 让人们学习和应用这些技能是另一回事。 当成年人问为什么他们需要知道这一点时,回复“因为我这么说”无法消除疑惑。

A whole branch of educational theory supports this, and any training you conduct had better be grounded in that knowledge. If you think training programs are interchangeable, think again. Please read on.

教育理论的一个分支支持这一点,你进行的任何培训最好都要以这些知识为基础。 如果您认为培训计划可以互换,请再想一想。 欢迎继续阅读。

We are committed to your professional success.

Duane Sparks杜南•斯巴克斯

Author of Action Selling行动销售作者


It seems as if every time I come up with a new, brainy idea, I find out that someone else already had the idea. Sometimes the originator turns out to be the leading authority on the topic.

似乎每次我想出一个新的,明智的主意时,我发现其他人已经有了这个想法。 有时,创始人最终成为该主题的主要权威。

I thought I had original thoughts about adult learning until I ran into a renowned American educator named Malcom Knowles (1913-1997). Knowles developed an entire set of concepts that describe the fundamental differences between teaching adults and teaching children. He even gave his adult-learning principles a name—andragogy—to distinguish them from the principles of pedagogy.

在我遇到一位名叫Malcom Knowles(1913-1997)的美国教育家之前,我以为我对成人学习有着独到的想法。 诺尔斯提出了一整套概念,描述了教成人和教孩子之间的根本区别。 他甚至将他的成人学习原则命名为——成人教育学——以区别于教育学的原则。

I think I’d have come up with a better name, but I can’t argue with Knowles’ Five Basic Assumptions about Adult Learners:


  • Self-Concept: Adults learn best when they use self-directed methods to discover new knowledge.

  • Experience: Adults rely on their own past experience, even when that means repeating mistakes. Breaking a habit may be the hardest thing a human is ever asked to do.

  • Readiness to Learn: They demand that material should be relevant and impactful to their jobs.

  • Orientation to Learning: The material must be connected to current problems the student experiences.

  • Motivation to Learn: Why do I need to learn this? If you don’t have a good answer, don’t waste time trying to teach them anything.

  • 1、自我概念:当成人使用自我导向的方法发现新知识时,他们学得最好。

    2、经验:成年人依靠自己过去的经验,即使这意味着重复犯错。 打破习惯可能是人们被要求做的最艰难的事情。



    5、学习动机:我为什么需要学习这个? 如果他没有一个好的答案,不要浪费时间去教他们什么。.

    Silly me, I thought I was the guy who figured this out. Okay, I’ll give Malcom his due. But, my invention of the certification plan for the Customer Relationship Professional (CRP) reinforces my claim to be the first to apply these principles to the training of sales and service people. And even if not the first, then the best—if I do say so myself.

    傻傻如我,我以为我是那个想出来的人。 好的,我会给Malcom他应得的。 但是,我对客户关系专业人员(CRP)认证计划的开发进一步证明了我是个主张将这些原则应用于销售和服务人员培训的。 即使不是个,那么是最好的 —— 如果让我自己来说。

    The only thing lacking in Knowles’ work is validated proof that his concepts actually work. That’s where I’m ahead of him.

    诺尔斯工作中缺乏的就是证明他的概念确实有效。 那就是我于他的地方。


    I call it accountability for learning. It is based on the age-old principle that “What gets measured, gets done.” In learning, “What gets measured gets learned.” In 1995, my company invested in the development of a validated assessment that tracks both the quantity of learning from a training experience and the learners’ ability to apply newly learned skills on the job. The assessment is not a survey. It is based on fact, not opinion.

    我称之为学习问责制。 它基于一个古老的原则,即“衡量什么,得到什么。”在学习中,“衡量学习到什么。”1995年,我的公司投资开发了一个经过验证的评估,跟踪培训中的学习量和学习者在工作中应用新学到的技能的能力。 评估不是调查, 它是基于事实,而不是意见。

    Introducing accountability for learning impacts all five of the Adult Learning Assumptions. For example, students are more “motivated to learn” when they know they’ll be assessed on their learning. And students are more “oriented to learn” when they are made aware that they have deficiencies. (We create that awareness with a pre-learning benchmark assessment.) Each of the five assumptions can be best addressed if a validated measurement system is used.

    引入问责制会影响成人学习的所有五种假设。 例如,当学生知道他们将根据他们的学习进行评估时,他们更“有动力去学习”。 当学生意识到自己有不足之处时,他们就更“注重学习”。 (我们通过预先学习的基准评估来创建这种意识。)如果使用经过验证的测量系统,则这五个假设中的每一个都可以得到最好地解决。

    Accountability alone isn’t enough, however. Even if all five assumptions are addressed, training can still fall on its face. And, the trainer’s task isn’t getting any easier. Experts from the past, including Malcom Knowles, couldn’t have anticipated the myriad distractions that technology presents to humans today. I recently heard a new term called “phubbing.” Derived from “phone” and “snubbing,” it refers to the act of ignoring the people you’re with while you focus instead on your smartphone. This now happens in learning environments, just as it does elsewhere.

    然而,仅凭问责制是不够的。 即使解决了所有五个假设,培训仍然只能落在表面。 而且,教练的任务并没有变得更轻松。 过去的专家,包括Malcom Knowles,无法预料到当今科技给人类带来的无数干扰。 我最近听到了一个名为“phubbing”的新术语。它源于“phone”和“snubbing”,它指的是当你专注于智能手机时,常常忽略和你在一起的人的行为。 现在,这种情况发生在学习环境中,就像在其他地方一样。

    For training to stick at all, the learning has to be REAL. But to combat phubbing and a hundred other obstacles, learning also has to be FUN. To be made aware of their own deficiencies, students must recognize themselves in a training program’s “wrong way” scenarios. That means the scenarios must be relevant. But, the scenarios also need to be entertaining and fun, or students won’t be drawn to them.

    为了坚持训练,学习必须是真实的。 但是为了打击phubbin和其他数百计的障碍,学习也必须是有趣的。 要了解自己的不足,学生必须在培训计划的“错误方式”情景中认识自己。 这意味着场景必须是相关的。 但是,场景也需要娱乐和有趣,否则学生将不会被他们吸引。

    What it boils down to is that an effective training program has a lot of moving parts—a lot of gears that need to mesh. If you think you can whip up a great training program on your own that will turn customer-contact people into skilled Customer Relationship Professionals, I respectfully ask you to give it more thought. I’ll let one of our clients have the last word about this.

    归结起来,一个有效的培训项目有很多活动环节 - 很多齿轮需要啮合。 如果你认为你可以自己制定一个伟大的培训计划,将客户联系人变成熟练的客户关系专业人员,我恭敬地请你多加思考。 我会让我们的客户对此有最后的决定权。

    Action Selling in Action
    行动销售 实践案例

    Lee Roberts is a partner with Bergen KDV, a fast-growing regional accounting firm in the Upper Midwest. Bergen recently introduced its CPAs and other employees to our new training program for Customer Relationship Professionals. The whole company was extremely happy about that choice, Roberts says:

    Lee Roberts是Bergen KDV的合伙人,Bergen KDV是位于中西部上游的快速发展的区域会计师事务所。 卑尔根最近将其注册会计师和其他员工介绍给我们,针对客户关系专业人士进行新培训计划。 罗伯茨说,整个公司对这一选择感到非常高兴:

    “I must admit that some of our management wanted to create a training program internally. What we realized is that effective training requires a lot of highly effective pieces and parts. With Action Selling CRP, every tool we needed is already developed: tools for preparing staff to be trained, conducting the workshop, reinforcing the new behaviors, and measuring the learning acquired.”

    “我必须承认,我们的一些管理层希望在内部制定培训计划。 我们意识到有效的培训需要大量高效的零部件。 通过行动销售CRP,我们所需的每一种工具都已经开发出来:用于培训员工接受训练,开展研讨会,加强新行为以及衡量所获得的学习的工具。

    “We quickly launched CRP ourselves with the aid of your incredible, complete program. Not only did everyone rave about the usefulness of the training, they complemented me on my expertise as a trainer. Thank you!”

    “我们借助您令人难以置信的完整计划,迅速推出了CRP。 不仅每个人都对培训的有用性赞不绝口,他们还补充了我作为培训师的专业知识。 谢谢!”

    * For information about how to make sales training pay huge dividends, contact us at 0755-88265430,88261982.



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